Friday, December 16, 2011

12 Beers of Christmas, Number 9

New Belgium Snow Day

 Every time I say “number 9” I think of that trippy Beatles song…
Beer #9 on my “12 Beers of Christmas” list is from a Brewery who until recently wasn’t even available in the “Old Dominion”, so I was stoked to see New Belgium beers on the shelves of our local beer purveyors.
Not to mention that I have yet to sample a beer from New Belgium’s quiver that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed.

New Belgium Snow Day
IPA (Back)
New Belgium Brewing Company, Fort Collins CO
 6.2% ABV

Dark copper to red color, Hints of pine and grass in aroma, mellow hoppy flavor with some nuttiness but not like a bold IPA, looks heavy but very crisp and easy to drink.
Paired with Grilled chicken & sweet potato salad mixed with red & white onions, peperoncinis, tomatoes, carrots & goat cheese
New Belgium Snow Day makes the 12 Beers of Christmas list because it reminds me that at this very same time last year I was freezing my arse off during a 2 week school at Fort Pickett where it was so cold that we literally stuck to the ground during one iteration and were plagued by sudden winter storms that would blow in and shut the entire base down with 14 degree temps.
In contrast to this yuletide season where “balmy” 50 to 60 degree temps make me long for a little of the white stuff to accent the holidays, but then sitting back on my deck sampling seasonal brews & staring at the stars isn't a bad gig either...