Monday, December 19, 2011

12 Beers of Christmas; Number 8

Beer #8 on my “12 Beers of Christmas” list comes from a brewery that makes one of my all time favorite brews in their Hazel Nut Brown Nectar, I absolutely love that beer, but Rouge Ales aren’t always the cheapest of craft beers and as much as I hate to admit it I don’t always want to drop 11 or 12 bucks on a 6 pack. That being said, Rouge’s American Amber Ale & Mocha Porter can be found in my beer cabinet on a semi regular basis.

Red (Amber) Ale
Rogue Ales, Newport Oregon
6% ABV
Santa’s Private reserve is dark amber in color with a strong floral aroma, crisp presentation & HUGE hop taste, certainly not for the faint of heart, (as Santa can certainly attest to)…  
While Rogue suggest serving the ale with beef or pork, I opted to sample this brew all by its lonesome, as I feel that really hoppy brews can sometimes overpower food and are better enjoyed alone.
I may or may not have a few Rouge pint glasses and a T-shirt from the company, (I’m brand loyal like that).  
So should you find yourself on the island of misfit toys, Santa’s Special Reserve may help you along the way.