Monday, April 6, 2015

From the Pacific to the Pirate Coast.

“Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates.”

Ash and I had just returned from Costa Rica with a renewed sense of adventure that we wanted to keep stoked. So keeping in step with the idea of "just going" Ash secured a last minute reservation on the Portsmouth Island Ferry, and we were off once again. 

For me, this trip was born from the idea that I could potentially surf both oceans in the same year. 

For me "surfing" is a relative term, it is certainly the hardest thing I have tired to do, and while I have been "surfing" for years I pretty much suck.

So the concept of surfing for me has always been about surrounding myself in the elements more so than the act of surfing itself. I feel that I have a personal relationship with the sea because of those experiences (both good & bad)  
Another aspect of the trip was that it was our second beach camping excursion with our son, who was now 18 months old. 

On that note,don't let anyone every try and convince you that this idea is impossible. In a time where kids are inundated with electronic gadgets we as parents are the driving force in building their foundation and love for the outdoors. Kids respond to nature, they embrace it, so feed off of their wonder. It will make you a better person and parent.  

This trip came with a special kind of souvenir, in the first hour of setting up camp I managed to slice my wrist open cutting off a zip tie. Being tired, and not paying attention has its consequences. If you plan on going remote, be it beach camping, backpacking or mountain biking, carry a first aid kit. This would have been a "trip-killer" without it.  

"There will be blood" 
"recovering" from the injury 
Consistently amazed by this woman
Coast to coast in 3 weeks.
Loving life, a new generation of pirates
After countless trips to the island, we remain awe struck by its effect. Turning the adventure into a family experience only adds to the story. This place, with all of it's bugs, sudden storms, and endless sunrises & sunsets has captivated us for going on 6 years. 

Stars, Christmas lights & craft beer
Sunset at the camp
follow their sense of wonder
Trust me when I say that I wasn't completely convinced on the idea of children,and the trade off has been having them at a much later age. But know this, I wouldn't trade it for the world, and what we give them is what they get. 

Realize and embrace the profound affect  of wonder in both you and your kids, it doesn't go away, we just turn our backs on it over time, my son has reinvigorated me, and restored my sense of wonder and adventure.

So here is to living the "Peter Pan" lifestyle, whenever it may be.   

These things that matter most...