Thursday, August 16, 2012

Still Kicking

So the Pirates page has been in a sort of limbo for months, not because things haven’t been going on, but quite the contrary actually.
In short order the following things have occurred in the span of a few months;
-We found out we were pregnant... "quite the gut check" (now I have to buy that Osprey kid carrier backpack)
- I lost my Father in law & Ash lost a dad
-Ash got a much deserved transfer
- I managed to get a promotion, then a an evening shift... so in essence my preggers wife and I are like two ships passing in the night.
So that’s quite a bit to take in, and always a good place to look for perspective.
Well, I found just that in an article in Backpacker magazine.  
The article, appropriately titled “Heroes”, chronicled Kyle Maynard’s climbing of Mount Kilimanjaro, a 19,341 mountain in Tanzania.
Kyle and his 8 person team climbed the mountain to raise awareness for the staggering number of veterans who commit suicide upon returning home from Iraq & Afghanistan.  
So what’s so extraordinary about that?
Kyle Maynard is a congenital quadruple amputee.
Like I said; perspective...
So the reality of things is change is inevitable when you’re moving in a forward motion, and most of what  has occurred for both of us is positive (transfers) if not extraordinary (baby bump)...
So life is good, and to take a piece of advice given to Kyle Maynard from one of his team mates...
“Not dead, can’t quit”...
Cheers & on to the next adventure.