Tuesday, December 27, 2011

12 Beers of Christmas; Number 5

Beer #5  on my “12 Beers of Christmas & Beyond”  List comes from the United Kingdom, and a brewery that I certainly haven’t heard of, so it should come as no surprise that #5 made it to the list on its “cheeky” name alone.

Ridgeway Brewery, United Kingdom / (Imported by Shelton Brothers)
8% ABV

Lump of Coal Stout’s label reads;
Looking forward to a depressing holiday? Here is liquid consolation. This 8% bittersweet chocolate stout is the best you could hope for in these dark times. Actually, come to think of it, considering how bad you’ve been, this little coal-black gem is more than you deserve for Christmas this year.
Depressing huh? Or maybe they are realist over there in the UK…
(Got to love that English sarcasm)
I was kind of concerned that Lump of Coal was going to be more gimmicky than anything else, but my fears were put to rest as I poured the beer.
The stout was black in color with little to no head which was caramel colored, with an aroma of coffee, dark chocolate and roasted malts.
I tasted some coffee bean, a hint of licorice, malty with a bit of balanced sweetness to bitter ratio.
Beer #5 was quite “even keel” for a Stout, smooth & drinkable, not the strongest stout on the market but good none the less.
I didn’t pair this one with food as I typically drink stouts without accompaniments.