Friday, December 23, 2011

12 Beers of Christmas; Number 6

Beer #6

Its basic math, there is one full day before Christmas and I am on #6 of my “12 Beers of Christmas” List, so I have two choices.

A.      I can attempt to drink 5 more beers and post about them before Christmas day (could wind up bad)

B.       The list can continue past Christmas and end on New Years instead, which I am more inclined to do as I don’t want to rush any parings.
Just so you know that I wasn’t intentionally being lazy with my beer list, my internet provider and their revolutionary 4G service crashed for two days this week leaving me “internet-less”, rest assured that I continued to drink beer, but posting from out here in the country was not happening…
As it goes #6 was supposed to coincide with December 22 & the “Winter Solstice” for which the beer is named.

Anderson Valley Brewing Company, Boonville California
6.9% ABV
Herb/Spice/ Vegetable style Ale
Gorgeous copper is color, malty aroma, and doughy taste with a hint of spice and mellow honey or maybe even brown sugar.
This beer is delicious seriously, I love that sweetness in the finish, it has sky rocketed to my top 10 list of favorite beers.
It’s one of those ales that I could envision would fuel the adventurer’s spirit to sail around the globe in search of this tasty brew, no really, like Spanish conquistadors & roving pirates off Cape Horn. “I’m just saying” 
Also try their Amber Ale which is on par and just as delicious, great beer, no BS.   
Paired with homemade cranberry walnut bread made with Grand Marnier, fabulous…