The Idea:

“Of Pirates & Prestige” would best be described as an online memoir of adventure.

The idea being that “Pirates” would be more than a journal, but a creative outlet that blends imagery and words to paint a picture for anyone who happens upon the site.

The Name:  

The title "Of Pirates & Prestige" can have several meanings depending on your perspective. 

For me the concept for “Pirates” is an ode to adventure & Nonconformity in the sense that you have to get out and live your life.
That we should spend our lives growing younger as opposed to growing older.

That anything worth doing requires substantial commitment.

That you can think for yourself, fend for yourself, and do for yourself.

That perpetual motion is inherent to being human.

That you can go your own way…

The History:

I have spent the vast majority of my life in pursuit.

I pursued skateboarding for years on end, and I was committed to the core. Singularly obsessed with the feeling you get from carving a line down a dimly lit street in the grit of the city.

From skateboards to surfboards I became equally fanatical, chasing ground swell up and down the east coast.

What I lacked in ability for surfing I made up for in stupidity, putting myself in situations that could have easily ended with someone else telling the story.

There are no words to describe the feeling of being rendered insignificant by the rolling grey bands of hurricane swell as they arch towards the horizon in sheets of sideways rain.

From salt water to single track I discovered mountain biking and so began yet another chapter of the pursuit which continues today.

That being said, time has its way of mellowing even the most ardent punk rocker.

In that respect, I am no longer singularly devoted to any one thing, with the exception of my family who share my passion for healthy living, the outdoors, and for the road less traveled.

In that spirit, we continue to chase our dreams.