Sunday, December 11, 2011

12 Beers of Christmas; Number 10

Lagunitas “sucks” Holiday Ale, “Brown Shugga’ Substitute”

Beer #10 on my “12 Beers of Christmas” list coincides with the celebration of a milestone birthday for my wife,

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It also didn’t hurt that my father had just returned from a successful fishing outing on the bay and hooked us up with several beautiful rockfish steaks.    
So my gift to Ash was a candlelit rockfish dinner for two…
I looked at my plethora of holiday brews that are waiting in the pantry, and picked the ale with the incredibly long name to have with dinner…

American Strong Ale, (akin to IPAs)
Petaluma, California
7.6 % ABV
A deep golden color, aromas of citrus with a slight alcohol flavor and hints of honey
Paired with fresh caught Chesapeake Bay Rockfish (by my dad) in several iterations
-          Grilled eggplant medallions toped with parmesan cheese and Balsamic reduction

-          Maryland rockfish & seafood soup

-          Grilled rockfish steaks over Israeli cous cous tossed with green peppers, red onions & mushrooms

The Lagunitas Holiday Ale was PHENOMENAL, one of the best beers I have had, I love a beer that has sweet undertones, and this beer did not disappoint, I can’t say enough about the flavor of this beer and while I don’t do it justice in my description it is truly delicious…but dangerous, the 7.6 %ABV can hurt you because of it’s incredible drinkability.

"It also doesn't hurt that Lagunitas adorns their label with a Pitbull that resembles our beloved Blitzy". 
98% score on Ratebeer, (it’s that good)