Friday, December 30, 2011

12 Beers of Christmas; Number 3

Beer #3 on my “12 Beers of Christmas & Beyond” List happens to coincide with our recent getaway to the New River. (I plan to post about the trip later)

So beer# 3 is in honor of our trip and the fantastic cabin we disappeared to for a couple of days, and maybe a bit of wishful thinking for the white stuff as well.
Cabin Fever
Brown Ale
6% ABV
Dark brown in color with a foamy caramel colored head, aroma of malts and roasted oats,  more roasted flavor with a hint of chocolate and some sweetness to counter the mild bitterness, balanced for a brown ale, and quite drinkable.   
Last winter we picked up some of New Holland’s Cabin Fever prior to one of the “major” snow storms that Virginia experienced.
As it turns out we were holed up at home for several days and the Cabin Fever came in quite handy, if not a bit ironic, so it comes as no surprise that this brown ale made its way onto my list at #3 while we were “stuck” in a cabin over the last few days…
I paired the Cabin Fever with hamburger sliders & shrimp skewers that we grilled on our Weber "Q" travel grill on the deck of the cabin as the New River danced in the distant darkness.
Perfect combination