Sunday, January 2, 2011

Exit the Tiger

SO I missed this post by 2 days as we bid farewell to 2010 " The Year of the Tiger".

New Years rang in quietly at our household, the roll of the dice saw me on call for the end of the year.

2011 will put me at 4 years in my current position of my professional career that has spanned 13 years.

(That's 3 years longer than expected).

My first few months in the position were absolutely "trial by fire" as 2 of the people I dealt with both passed away in tragic events. One at the beginning of  their career, one near the end. Both as a result of the consequences of their individual actions.

Emotions can do some wicked things if you don't keep them in check,but they are also the first thing one remembers after an event, and what we base our reflections on at the end of a year.

How many times have you said to yourself after a significant event, "I remember feeling like..."

For instance;

-At my wedding; I felt that beyond a shadow of doubt I was making the right decision regardless of the turmoil that swirled in the background as is often the case when two families come together. (I remember this feeling like it was yesterday).

-When our Pitbull Blitzy passed away in 2010, and the horrible feelings I had of helplessness as we battled unsuccessfully with her cancer, and  the resolution of having to put her down.(I remember this even when I don't want to).   

-The reoccurring feeling of freedom and that "can't quite describe it" emotion you get when your rolling through the woods on a perfect trail with that perfect line and the residual effect of what we will do time and time again to reproduce those feelings that let us know were still alive. (I try to make more of these memories when I can).

Going into 2011 with an impending ankle surgery was the plan all along, but it doesn't remove the "feelings" of anxiousness that comes with it.

So I suppose my "New Years Resolution" for 2011 is to live in such a way that will cultivate as many memories of feeling "alive" as possible.

This sums it up....