Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ankle Arthroscopy (Day 7) "The Waiting Game"

Seven days in, I expected this post to come at around 2 weeks, but here I am sitting on my duff having completed my mandatory "range of motion" exercises for the day with the rubber band that I smuggled out of the wife's work out room...(Ok she surrendered it willingly)

Between exercises I couldn't resist stretching the band to its full length like a bow with my ankle then launching it at my dogs who went crazy at the sound of it flying across the room.

Looking at my foot and ankle I’m really surprised at how much bruising there is. For whatever reason I did’t think about bruising when it came to the surgery and afterwards.

The Doctor indicated that the femoral block would get me “over the hump” for the majority of the post-Op pain, but I’m experiencing some pretty good shots of it throughout the day.

I was working on something at the house and accidentally folded my toe into the hardwood floor and it crippled me to ground in seconds, pretty severe, and unexpected to say the least.

But being down with an injury doesn’t mean that one is out, and I managed to find a few old CD’s which led to an impromptu jam session and some “Random Acts of Dancing” as I boogied peg leg style. (Picture the scene in Forrest Gump where he starts dancing to Elvis Presley’s guitar playing)

 ”You got new legs Lieutenant Dan”!!!