Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ankle Arthroscopy (Back to the Real World)

Monday of this week saw my status at work change from being on “sick leave” to being on “light duty”.

I have never sustained an injury that put me out of commission for 6 weeks, and I have accumulated hundreds of hours of sick time over my career. (I’m talking like 600 to 700 hours worth).

So this is in fact my first rodeo at this level.

When I was down at home for around 3 odd weeks, everything was surprisingly cohesive and I actually settled into the fact that I was recovering from surgery. It was actually Ok to be “down and out” at home.

Now, I gave at least a months’ notice of my impending surgery to the”powers that be” and I assumed that the situation was a pretty nonchalant affair based on their reaction.

However my very first day back on the J.O.B. was a swirling mishmash of confusion as if the watchman for the Titanic had sounded the alarm for a ship that was ultimately doomed to the bottom of the sea…Ok it wasn’t that bad but pretty good imagery right?

At any rate, I spent the majority of my first day back and a good portion of my second day jumping through the proverbial hoops of administrative bureaucracy.

When it was all said and done I had provided a fancy incarnation of the venerable “Doctor’s note” to our “Occu-Med” people, our “safety officer”, the Department of Human Resources, and some guy selling radios out of the trunk of his car.

My first Physical Therapy session is Thursday of this week and I’m actually quite curious as to what they will have me do.

Look for a follow up post Thursday eve.