Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Dashboard Lights

The wind whipped down 5th and Franklin Streets like a winter messenger delivering the first day of December.

We had been here before, for whatever the reasons, we have many memories that either started or finished at the gates leading into "Penny Lane Pub".

In fact many years ago I went out on a limb and told Ash that I was going to marry her after 2 weeks into our relationship.

Prior to my revelation to her, I had built up my liquid courage at Penny Lane.

This pub is no ordinary place, and it would do you good to read their history.


I actually frequented the pub's first location when I lived a stone's throw away.

So last night under the twinkle of christmas lights hung across the bar, Ash and I shared pints and some good conversation.

We settled our tab and we were off to the "National", a local live music venue a few blocks from the pub.

A few years back Ash and I got married at a cabin in the mountains, and when we danced, (and we did dance). A band called "Dashboard Confessional" was on the play list, because to be frank, the music moved us.

So Dashboard Confessional, or the brainchild behind the band, played the National last night.

No, it's not my normal type of music, but anything done with honesty, integrity and feeling these days is alright by me.

And Ash danced...In a sea of statues, Ash danced...And it took me back to those same feelings that made me take a risk so many years ago, and the fact that I know I made the right call.

In a few more years when we renew our vows, you can bet that Dashboard will be on the play list.