Monday, December 27, 2010

As the dust settles

Christmas blew in and back out quicker than the snow storm that blanketed the east coast over the Holiday weekend.

As the dust settles I think about the wicked cool gifts I received while I try to keep in focus the true meaning of things.

I'm not launching into a Christmas bashing commentary, just an observation and a way for me to keep myself in check during the holiday season.

One of the gifts from my wife was the book "Where Men Win Glory" by John Krakauer. Its the story of Pat Tillman who walked away from a promising career in the NFL to join the Army after 9-11. He ended up being killed in a "friendly fire" incident in Afghanistan.

On the subject of exceptional people, some you read about, others you have the privilege of meeting in person.

Christmas eve found us visiting (if only for a while) with an incredible lady who is the personification of positive thinking and overcoming tragedy. I would hope I could be as strong in the same circumstances, but I can say with conviction that I would never want to be tested in that way.

If you aren't lucky enough to be surrounded by these kinds of folks on a regular basis, but happen to meet one in passing, pay attention to their story, as it will remind you of whats important, and to never take for granted the ones you love.   
Next up on the holiday check list;
New Years...

A brief moment of reflection in the hectic holiday season...