Sunday, November 28, 2010

A comedy of errors leads to a brisk walk in the woods

Ash and I decided to take the dogs on a morning trail run Saturday, sounds benign enough right?

Get your running gear, add dogs, and go run…

Little did I know that a ridiculous chain of events would hinder our plans by at least an hour as life managed to chuck multiple curve balls our way before we ever left the driveway.

Scene 1: Some of my running gear was in the trunk of my company car, easy enough right? Unlock the vehicle and grab the gear…Nope! Battery is dead, easy fix right, grab the jump box…Nope; jump box won’t start the car…Easy enough right? Grab the jumper cables…

As I’m doing battle with the ornery company car Ash commences in bringing the dogs out to load up…which would make sense if we weren’t slowly drifting into bizzaro land, so now the scene begins to look like a chaotic ballet as I’m backing up the SUV with the hatch swung open, as Ash tries to hustle the pooches back into the house to protect them from the gravel that I’m throwing up from the driveway with NASCAR sensibility…

Yeah crisis averted!

Scene 2: We load Ramsey (our newest Blue Pit bull) into the back of the SUV when I notice a tick on her ear. Mind you that it’s been in the low 30’s several times where we live, but yet there he is in all of his blood sucking parasitic glory munching on my dog’s ear.

No problem, right? I will grab the First- Aid bag which is ALWAYS behind the seat of the 4-Runner…except this time, Were in the HELL is the First-Aid bag???

As I proceed to unpack my company car and sling all of my gear into the driveway (enough gear to fill a Ford “Festiva” bumper to bumper) looking for the First-aid kit, Ash runs back inside to try and locate same…

Shortly thereafter Ash returns with the elusive med kit as I’m thinking to myself, “Thank god I’m not bleeding to death”.

Scene 3: We have successfully tweezed 100’s maybe even 1000’s of ticks off of our dogs without ever having an issue…SNAP! Off with its head! Son of a bitch! The next 20 minutes or so were spent tweezing, and looking, and tweezing, then looking… Get out of the light! I’m not in your light! Tweezing and looking…

Oh yeah, then we went for a trail run, and I only fell over once with Ramsey dragging me down the trail.

It was fantastic, and it was such a gorgeous day we decided to go again this morning.

Ash rewarded me (for what I still don’t know) with fresh caught grilled Rock fish in a crawfish crème sauce over quinoa.