Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Walks In

"Cold but dry", that is the verbiage used repeatedly by the forecasters for the impending winter months that are now upon us. The experts pointed out that we would not experience the same snow fall as the previous years where multiple storms rolled through VA dumping loads of the white stuff.

So as I awoke this morning and sipped coffee while I surveyed the frozen landscape of our yard and surrounding woods, I couldn't help but wonder if the forecasts may be "slightly" inaccurate.

"This may also explain the inordinate amount of  acorns that littered the ground in November" I thought to myself...

In a week's time the area had sustained two separate winter storms with a third threatening for the weekend, "dry indeed".

Mind you I'm not complaining, it's a excellent way to usher in the holidays and winter break.

Here's to you winter...