Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Tis the season...for porters

I picked up 2 of my favorite Porters and one I had yet to try for the beginning of the Holiday season.

A perennial favorite of mine is Fuller's London Porter .

I seem to gravitate towards the oatmeal stouts and porters and really enjoy  Highland Brewing's Oatmeal Porter.

My newest addition was from  "Old Dominion Brewery", who make an awesome "Burbon Barrel Stout",  so I decided to try the brewer's Baltic Porter as it is described by the company's web site;

Dominion Baltic Porter is brewed to meet your need for warmth on a cold winter’s night. Hints of licorice, toffee & chocolate mingle with a touch of Rye giving our Porter a full-bodied taste. Raise your mug to those who were bold enough to brave the Baltic!
•6.8% Alc/vol
•German Pilsner, Crystal & Dark Specialty malts
•Pairs well with grilled meats, hearty stews & even chocolate
•Serve in a mug or pint glass at 45-50ºF

I definitely got the licorice and toffee tones and the beer paired very well with a friend's venison barbecue at the Christmas party.