Monday, January 30, 2012

The "Modern" Man?

So my wife and I both had the morning off and I happened upon a “news” show that did a segment on the “modern man”.

The segment included the following;
-The “man purse”
-Capri pants for men
-A “bikini” for men
-Pedicures & facials in a spa (think of a man getting a facial treatment applied via a paint brush in a Zen style setting)
-Spray tanning at a Tanning “Salon”
I offer a rebuttal to all of this non-sense.
But First I concede the following;
I wear “Capri” style tights when I ride my mountain bike, while some dudes would deduct points from my man-card for the tights they are in fact task specific and make sense for riding, so I would tell all of the naysayers to turn off the NFL reruns and go do something active in the woods. (By the way, Football players wear tights)
I write what some would consider poetry, another activity that some men would consider “feminine”. My response to this is read up on Bushido and the idea of the “Warrior Poet”. (The Samurai were NOT girly men)…   
I am fascinated by sunrises & sunsets, as evident by some of the photography I post, this doesn’t translate into me weeping frequently or reading romance novels with Fabio on the cover.  
Notwithstanding the aforementioned ranting here are a few observations from an “enlightened pseudo-redneck hybrid” kind of guy;
Women like real men.  
Women dig guys who take care of themselves both physically and mentally.
A man should be able to take his woman’s feelings into account while simultaneously being able to defend her, and I’m talking about real threats, not bar fights.
Men don’t spray tan, we get tan from being outdoors in the sun riding, running, fishing, using a *chain saw ,or building things like trails.
*(Don’t just walk around with a running chainsaw in a sub-division, another man may ask you why at gun point)
Real women do NOT like men who wear make-up; Boys with the skinny jeans and mascara are not appealing to women, maybe girls but not women.
TV personalities are almost never real men.   
Men don’t carry purses; you want to carry a bag? Get a backpack…then put your latte down & go for a hike, in the woods.
Real men build fires… (Controlled fires, don’t be a pyro)
Personal grooming does not include “Mani”-or “Pedi”-cures, got a hang nail? Tear it off and be on your way…
Men fish, and if they hunt they eat what they kill. (Standing on the side of the road in blaze orange waiting for a hunting dog that is suffering from malnutrition to “scare up a deer” so that you can ambush it does not rise to the level of making you a hunter.
Maybe this will be part one of a multi-part series, my small contribution to off-set the BS info being disseminated about modern men if you will.
Do real men blog?
Insight is yet another trait of the real man.