Sunday, January 15, 2012

Enter the Car-Salesman

A quick “top ten” List on how NOT to sell a car, {as told from the perspective of a guy who is trying to buy a car, also known as the "Consumer”}.

Car salesman dudes take note;
1.       Don’t be full of S**t, the internet is everywhere, and the wise consumer has done their research and will call BS on your spiel.
2.       Take a look around, the economy is not so good, so telling me that “you don’t need to sell the vehicle” is probably not the best sales tactic.
3.       Be professional; A 40 something salesperson that looks like they just recovered from an all night bender does not weigh favorably on your dealership.
4.        The fact that you are from Detroit has no bearing on my decision to buy the car you are selling. (The vehicle I want is built in Texas)
5.       Know your subject matter; an ignorant salesperson is a death blow to selling a car. 

6.        Don’t try and “warm up to me” by telling me that you lost your cell phone in a toilet after having too much to drink. (True Story)
7.       Come and talk to me, while I realize it’s a bit brisk outside you actually have to come out of your dealership if you want to make a sale.
8.       The vehicles that you advertise online should be on your lot, I mean really guys, 5 cars listed NONE of which were physically at the dealership. 

9.       Don’t tell me that the reason “Northern Virginia” vehicles cost less is because the dealerships get their inventory from “up north” and that the cars are “Yankee vehicles” What does that mean anyway?  
10.   Don’t ask me why I would want “someone else’s vehicle” when I inquire about a used car; I don’t normally become emotionally attached to trucks.