Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 Beers of Christmas; Number 1

The final beer’s name on my “12 Beers of Christmas & Beyond” List hints at what’s to come in 2012 while celebrating the ghost that was 2011, I probably don’t reflect as much as I should because I’m all about forward motion, that being said I can’t help but think that around this very same time last year I was gearing up for ankle arthroscopy and everything that came with that adventure, 3 months down, and a year of recovery, and the beat goes on…

While I avoid “New Year’s resolutions" there are some things that I want to do in 2012;
-Enter a race in the woods, be it on a mountain bike, trail run or adventure race.
- Expand the home garage gym with more options and creativity
- Travel more
-Backpack more
-Live more
Beer # 1 on my “12 Beers of Christmas & beyond” list is;
Old Jubilation Ale

English Strong Ale
Avery Brewing Company, Boulder Colorado
8.3 ABV
 A gorgeous rust/copper color, with an aroma of raisins, roasted malts, and a mild sweetness, tastes of spice and roasted malts with that intoxicating sweetness again, with a slight alcohol finish, very drinkable for such a high ABV.
Paired with homemade Barbecue chicken pizza

Here’s to 2012.
A little daily reminder in the Kitchen