Thursday, November 10, 2011


I try to take the camera with me as much as possible. 

That being said, my rides, runs and physically oriented activities are just that; a way to stay in shape as a way to beat age off with a stick, and as a way for me to release any pent up anger, anxiety, or other rogue emotion that may surface during the course of a week. 

So when I ride, as with anyone who rides or runs, I develop a flow which I have spoken about in past posts.  

This “flow” is almost indefinable but can be described as a feeling of everything making sense, working together, and being in sync.

A camera can capture amazing things, and anyone who wanders through the woods knows the incredible sights that you can stumble upon.

As such these two disciplines collide because when you’re in that sweet spot, that moment of physical exertion that washes away the day it is quite difficult to stop and take a picture. 

So when I have a “Wow” moment on the trail I’m conflicted with being in that moment, or trying to capture it on film, which is a large part if not the entire point of this blog and more importantly the memories that drive it.

So the struggle continues, while in the meantime the leaves change color, the sky grows darker more quickly, and the air develops a certain “nip” that you can only experience 

in the moment…

Caught in a moment of twilight on the trail