Monday, November 7, 2011

Saves the Day…

After spending the afternoon with thousands of like minded folks at the “Urbana Oyster Festival” I realized that sometimes the only positive affirmation I need is for me and Ash to step out of our front door and into the night air, a glass of red wine in hand, surrounded by the wildness of a cold country night as it echoes under a brilliant sky.  

Happiness in fact resides there.   

So is it any wonder that during these times of “clarity” one tends to think "deep" thoughts?

The backdrop of this weekend set the stage.
So where does all of the daylight that’s been saved go? 

Is there a daylight savings repository?  

Can I use my daylight savings to purchase hours against the darkness?  

Does darkness preclude fitness?  

Why is darkness so entwined with fear? 

Is it for the same reasons that people are convinced that there is a “bogyman” that resides in the backcountry? 

The backcountry bogyman… 

Yes, I am quite aware that guys like me don’t invent things like light bulbs…

Gearing up for the season of the glow worm, cold starts and dark finishes, like a strong Imperial Stout…