Sunday, November 21, 2010

The shape of things to come

As the last few months flew by I wrestled with the idea of scraping the blog, mainly because I was feeling uninspired for the most part.
I have been dealing with a reoccurring injury in my left ankle. I would estimate that I have been nursing it for the long end of 4 months.
The injury has had a demoralizing effect on the consistency of my running, riding, and anything physical in nature.
My wife is a cool chick, and she has supported me and my incredibly hard head as I put off getting the problem fixed over and over again.
But sometimes thing don’t just magically “unscrew” themselves, and instead of waving their wand, the healing ferry that you were waiting for says “piss off”.
After the 3rd time that we had to modify our plans because of the fact that my ankle would not allow me to carry a 30 pound pack into the wilderness I decided to get off my arse and do something about it.

I’m no stranger to injury and the running list is as follows;
-Broken left hand
-Broken left wrist
-Separated shoulder
-Separated other shoulder(mildly)
-Bruised or cracked ribs
-Stomach surgery (small gremlin or gnome living in my innards)

So it should not have came as a surprise when the Doc told me that my MRI indicated that there was some room for improvement, and that the extra bits of scar tissue and bone spurs should probably be removed.
So I’m going to start the New Year off with surgery on my ankle, and I’m looking at a six week recovery…
But if it gets me fixed I’m all about it, and the cool thing is I took a shot of cortisone which has greased me up and allowed me to pick up the pace right before the holidays.
So I made a deal with myself, I’m going to keep posting and hitting it as hard as I can until I’m laid out with the wifey feeding me grapes.
There are some exciting things going on around here, and I want to share those experiences.
Here’s a bit of a preview of what’s to come…
-After we lost “Blitzy” our beloved Pitty, we reacted just like any well adjusted grieving family would; we adopted 2 more Pit Bulls! More to follow on those girls.

-I love gear; I’m a “gear whore” as they say. Look for reviews of gear in the coming months.

-Rambling editorials, because who doesn’t like raving opinionated freaks that hide behind their laptops as they fire shots across the bow of subjects that probably don’t matter in the first place.

I’m excited about the holidays, and all the things that have yet to come.

Jazz Hands!!!