Thursday, June 3, 2010

Riders on the storm

So I'm running down I-95 on my way to Poor Farm and Ash gives me the news...
A good size thunderstorm is bearing down on the area, and the estimate is that the "farm" is going to get pummeled around 6:30pm.

My first thought was "I wish I had brought my camera, I bet I could get some choice storm shots".

My next thought was, "I hope I get some riding on before the storm rolls in".

35 minutes into the ride, the hot, sticky Virginia weather took a dramatic turn,
the trees started swaying in unison and the wind whipped onto the trail as the sky grew darker.

My thoughts turned to "Hell yeah, the ride might be short, but I'm in for an interesting evening".

I pulled out of the woods and across the lot to meet another rider as he appeared out of the trail with similar thoughts on his mind.

After a short exchange of "what da ya thinks", and amateur weather forecasting, we both made the decision to go our separate ways and try and get one last loop in...

We returned to our cars within minutes of one another, and as we were throwing our gear back into our vehicles the first rain drops started to fall from the impending front.

My truck passed in and out of heavy rain squalls as I weaved my way back home, and as I wobbled into the house feeling the ride in my legs, there was Ash waiting with a steaming hot dutch oven with some tasty vittles inside.

Mussels, shrimp, and crayfish tossed over whole wheat linguine in a tomato sauce.

Something she had "whipped up" for sure...

* On a side note; As I was typing this post round two of the storms showed up, and they are truly awe inspiring.