Friday, June 11, 2010


A week after the day that I started feeling ill I went to the "Doc in a box" and found out that what I thought was a cold was actually an "upper respiratory infection". So I'm back on the mend and hopefully will be back for a ride, run, or anything besides leaving butt prints on the couch.

During the time that I was out Ash consistently made some incredible dishes, but I thought better than to write about them when my mind was saying that everything tasted like cardboard.

I picked up two sixes from the store for the weekend,and they were two that I had been looking at for a while.

The Stone IPA gets the coveted 100 point rating from "rate beer" which from my experiences with the site is no easy task. In saying that, while its a damn good IPA, it's not my favorite, something about the finish that I'm not liking, but keep in mind my taste buds are still flat lined.

The "Dixie" Slow brewed lager's rankings were..."lower" to say the least. It's overall user rating was a 12. That's not reckless typing, yep, a 12. I don't know, it's a lager, which is a style that I don't really explore that often. It tastes OK to me and the bottle is cool which I have to confess drives some of my decision making.

Either way (in my humble opinion)both beers compliment a fresh cut New York strip, Ahi tuna, and grilled veggies.