Sunday, June 20, 2010


Think of this as a recap of sorts, (some weeks are easier than others to sit down and post.)

My schedule at work can be “challenging” at times and we typically flex what we cook to accommodate those unforeseen changes. That being said, we were both feeling pizza about mid week.

Ash made the dough from scratch using white wheat, with turkey “pepperoni” to top it off.

Friday was another chance to get creative in the kitchen, and I came home from my evening ride to find six frosty soldiers in the fridge.

Stoudts American Pale Ale out of Adamstown PA. It has an 89 overall user rating over at “ratebeer” and is an excellent Pale.

Dinner started with an appetizer of clams in a Spanish style broth of roasted red peppers and paprika, with an entree of trout fillets and grilled sea scallops with a side of baked rutabaga fries.

I logged 3 rides for a total of around 25 miles staying well away from one of our premier trail systems which was host to the “Xterra” East Coast championships over the weekend.Some of the locals raced, and hats off to those guys because RVA weather was brutal this weekend.

As I was thrashing about at the farm a good sized barred owl swooped into view and glided down the trail coming to rest on a branch high above the single track. Predatory birds are amazing creatures to watch as you can almost see the confidence in their eyes as they sit comfortably at the top of their food chain.

Saturday morning saw me back on the lake with the same luck as previous weeks, but fishing will teach you patience if nothing else.

We’re going to round out the weekend with a “Father’s Day” lunch.
On the menu:
Grilled flank steak with corn, tomato and asparagus relish
Barbecue chicken wings
Country style pork ribs in an apple jelly barbecue glaze
With handmade oatmeal nut fruit tarts for dessert