Saturday, August 27, 2011

Un-common Disaster

So what’s the deal Mother Nature?
Tornados whipping through April
An August earthquake not seen in 67 odd years
The dismal swamp on fire
Hurricane Irene churning up the coast encroaching on my beloved Cape Lookout National Seashore

Ramsey waiting for the Hurricane swell
Ma’ nature, while I’m big enough to know it’s not personal, I can’t help but ponder the reason that your dire eye has focused on the Commonwealth.
Let’s put La’ Nina and El’ Nino or any other Hispanic influences aside, or the idea that the poles are melting and global warming has given you an apocalyptic wedgie.  
Why so serious?
I want to give you a big ole’ bear hug just to let you know that some of us humans still love and respect you, but you have me running around fueling up for the grill, storing water, and gathering provisions.

Don’t get the wrong idea; the alcohol pays homage to your awesomeness, as humans have celebrated your majesty with spirits for millennia.
But on a serious note, while I realize that you don’t harbor feelings either way for the human populace, let’s not make a habit of you targeting the wifey.
She’s a good soul…maybe the best, at least for me, and while I understand that you will be around long after I’m gone don’t make me come looking for you.
I don’t know anyone in the circles you run in, I’m not cosmic like that, and while I can’t move tectonic plates I’m a pretty motivated individual who will show you courtesy, but I certainly won’t  forget.
The girl is off limits…
I’m glad we had this talk
So now go do your thing, bring your winds and rain, show your fury and your might and be on your merry way!!!
Be safe to everyone in the strike zone.