Monday, July 18, 2011

To Weekends Well Lived

Here’s to that classic country play list that you made long ago, and to just how good George Jones sounds echoing through the darkened trees.

Here’s to dancing.

Here’s to the glow of citronella torches and the twinkle of deck lanterns as they cast romantic shadows across teak wood colored planks of my favorite deck.

Here’s to the best food in town, a marriage of work and creativity born in the kitchen, and enjoyed by the candlelight.

Sweet potato puffs w/green onion and goat cheese
Honey and garlic marinaded grilled shrimp
Lump crap cakes
 Here’s to craft beer, and to those who appreciate the difference.

Here’s to red wine and its uncanny ability to make food taste that much better.

Here’s to her.

Here’s to the full moon’s glow, and human powered adventure.

A full moon shines down on the singlespeed after a late evening romp in the woods

Here’s to cool mornings and a cup of strong coffee.

Here’s to the foothills of the Blue Ridge being a stone’s throw away.

Here’s to her good company, and doing it because you can.

Here’s to the weekend, and to times well lived.