Saturday, July 9, 2011

Single Speed Blues

A quick history first;

The very same week that I was cleared by my ankle surgeon to ride my bike, a funny thing happened…

A “reoccurring” friend of mine decided to show up, a “friend” that had put me in the hospital on two previous occasions in the past.


- The week that I was cleared to ride my bike…

-I lost the ability to ride my bike...


Fast forward through five months of repeated Doctor visits and countless medications to today…

Blurry as it goes, I lost my footing as I snapped the pic of my bike

Today was the first time that I have legitimately ridden my single speed since January 5, 2011.

A recap of the ride would look something like this;

6 miles of;

 -Picking the wrong lines

-Pushing up several switchbacks that I used to clean

-Hitting a section of slick roots and spinning just long enough to realize that I was going over the handle bars.

Awkward to say the least

I had just rode past 2 fawns when I saw this guy in the stream 
 But at least I was riding…

And as I pedaled through the pine forest the conversation with my Doc became crystal clear in my mind.

“Can I ride”?

“Do you want to get better”?

‘Nuff said…

So, I rode, and I will ride again, and at the risk of sounding over dramatic it will probably land me back in the hospital as well, but it is where I dwell, and I can be no other place.