Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ankle Arthroscopy (Strange days)

I realize that I said I wasn't going to write another post about my Arthroscopy, and I wasn't, but this is bizarre enough to warrant another entry.

To set the background for this post I want to give you an idea of what a “Physical Therapy” business looks like, and this particular office was basically a large room with fitness equipment resembling a small gym.

At any given time there would be at least 6 clients mulling about addressing their rehab needs, with around 4 therapists present. (If you go into physical therapy thinking you’re going to get a personal trainer all to yourself, you may be sadly mistaken).

My primary Physical Therapist was out on family matters last week, so I was delighted to see the original female Therapist who worked on me during my first visit.
But much to my chagrin it was immediately apparent that something was "different".

"What was the nature of your injury again, I don't remember?" she inquired...

She then proceeded to ask what exercises I had been doing, and as I gave my best explanation of things I didn’t necessarily understand, she quipped for me to jump on the stationary bike and warm up as she walked away, which I did.

Then I moved on to the "machine that simulates squats" which may also be known as the "Total Gym" but then I don't know because curiously enough I don't have $3000.00 worth of exercise equipment at my house.

It became apparent that the "stand in" Therapist had limited knowledge of how to properly work the machine, and after another Therapist assisted her with the tension springs I was again instructed to "do what I did last time" since I didn't know what tension level I was supposed to be using.

As I worked through the remainder of my exercises the Therapist grew more and more agitated with my progress. (This is not an exaggeration on my part and I will back this up later).

As she attended to an older woman who I had seen on previous visits, the Therapist began barking at me (from across the room) to stop looking at my foot as I was working on a balance board that assists with range of motion.

"Stop holding onto the bar so tight!!!  She barked again.

Then it was on to the “Bosu-ball” for some more squat exercises.

“You’re going down to far!”

“Stop holding the bar so much”!!!

“You remind me of my kids, I always have to watch what you’re doing!!!”

All of these “instructions” were yipped across the gym in such a manner that other therapist and their clients would stop what they were doing long enough to process the scene.

As I finished my sets I could hear my Therapist explaining to the female client that she didn’t need to work, and that she was only there to “maintain her skills”…

The therapy session was over and as I paid my Co-pay the older female client I mentioned earlier walked up, looked me in the eye, and said, “Wow! She was yelling at you”…I cracked a smile and indicated that it was “tough love” and bid her and the Secretary a good day.

I was done with Physical Therapy.

The total cost of the Ankle Arthroscopy process.

-2 Consultation visits at $40.00 a visit “Co-pay” with insurance.
-No Co-Pay for the initial X-rays. (Covered by Insurance)
-$100.00 Co-pay for the MRI prior to surgery
-$300.00 Co-Pay for the actual Arthroscopic surgery
-Physical therapy twice a week for 3 weeks at $40.00 Co-pay each visit.
-$40.00 ankle brace

Total cost: $720.00