Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pork, We Salute You

So the  McRib sandwich was  "re-introduced" to McDonald's menu this past December to help bolster their  end of year/holiday sales.

That's right, the "McRib" is actually a hot selling sandwich for the fast food juggernaut.
The McRib is a product of "restructured meat technology" that is then "molded " into the shape of a rack of ribs...
Restructured meat technology.
Technology is awesome when you're talking about a smart phone, or even an unmanned military drone, but do you really want it associated with your food?
The "McRib" doesn't even have bones, but it is molded to LOOK like it does.
Sounds delicious...   
The gravel driveway meandered towards a traditional farmhouse nestled amongst ornamental pines and pasture land. Within minutes we saw the first sow grazing in a field.
The owners of the farm greeted us warmly at their front door, and after a brief introduction we were walking around the grounds meeting the pigs and getting a crash course in "porkology".  
Pink House pigs are "free range" pasture grazing fun loving swine that are void of growth hormones or antibiotics.

Once we had finished with our tour, we were escorted into the families' kitchen, the owner disappeared into a back room only to return with a sampler of all of the pork products that the farm has to offer.
We decided on a rack of ribs, some chops, bacon, chorizo sausage, and a bonus buy chicken that they also raise on location. 
We cut the family a check, and we were on our way.
Needless to say we fired up the grill, and Ash made a chorizo and cheese appetizer followed by the main course and star of the pork show, grilled chops over grits and parmesan crusted kale with a splash of lemon.

This pork is fantastic, and YES you can taste the difference in every single bite.  it even cooks differently.
Fresh local food, from a local farmer who has the integrity to do things the right way, which is almost never the easy way, but there is NO comparison, and I won't even ramble on about the immeasurable health benefits of eating grass fed pork & beef.
So this is where we want to be, my wife and "soon to be son" are no different than anyone else, were average folks, we don't come from privilege, and to answer your question, Yes, at times eating this way can be more expensive, which is a risky proposition in this economy, and while I understand that concern, the goal is to live on our terms as healthy and active as possible.
Adventure is where you find it, even in food.
Eat fresh, Eat local.