Friday, September 9, 2011

10 Years Later, like it was yesterday

It’s just 2 days shy of 10 years ago when I walked into my matchbox apartment above an engineering firm on a downtown street.

Looking back now, I would have questioned your sanity if you had tried to tell me that later in life I would end up married and living a quiet life in the country… (Or at least a semi-quiet life)
10 years later.
10 years is a long time.
That morning I turned on my TV in customary fashion to relax and unwind after pulling a midnight shift which ended at 8:00am.
It was typical for me to take a few hours to unwind after work, to “come down” as they say.
But then nothing was typical about that morning.
I was watching the Today Show with what I’m sure were millions of other Americans when the first news broke about a plane that had slammed into the World Trade Center in New York.
Then as I watched in horror, live on network television, the second plane came in…
I remember calling my supervisor, telling him that we were under attack, and feeling profoundly angry.
I wanted to do something…anything, but it was not to be.
So I tried to go to sleep.
2,977 people went to work that day and never got the chance to walk into their apartments again.
Never see their kids again.
Never kiss or hold their loved ones again.
Never feel the sun the rain or the wind…again.
I would be willing to venture that the average person doesn’t wake up each morning only to consider their demise before the day’s setting sun.
But then maybe that’s exactly how we should live our lives.
10 years later.
You see, I don’t want to forget, and I will not reduce the events of that day to the simple description of being “American history”.

I apologize, but “move on” and “get over” do not apply to this particular incident.
Have we become “numb” to the idea of it happening again?
It couldn’t possibly happen again.
But then it couldn’t possibly have happened the first time either…
In 2 days it will be September 11, 2011.
10 years after the fact of a day that I won't forget & will always remember.