Thursday, June 2, 2011


With my wife’s recent & extended hiatus from food-bloggery I decided to pick up the slack and run with it.

That being said, mine is but a modest blog, I don’t have 20 or so followers waiting for me to post a recipe on Israeli cous-cous or the merits of whole grain everything…Nope, not here.

What I can provide is a first person account of some of the things that are whipped up in our kitchen on a regular basis through words and photos.

It’s actually pretty "old hat" for me in all reality, I was posting about her delicious morsels well before she had the idea to start a foodie blog.

I’m not calling bull s**t on her or anything, I’m just sayin’…

Besides, I reap the benefits daily and as they say, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.

The plan is to continue with my typical beer parings and even a random appearance of a good red wine.

But don’t expect any yarns about how a fine chardonnay would go with your black rice; After all I’m still a boy…

Tonight’s fare;

Flank steak with tossed salad and grilled potato wedges.

If you want your flank steak tender, marinade it for at least 3 hours in a blend of balsamic and white vinegar, garlic cloves, and Worcestershire sauce. It’s awesome braa!!!

For a cool take on dipping sauce for the taters try a mix of ketchup and Sriracha sauce (add honey for a sweet meets hot combo).

We picked up some local goat cheese for the salad from Lovers Retreat Farm & Dairy during a recent trip to an Urbana Arts Festival. Cool folks indeed.