Saturday, August 7, 2010

Walnut Creek

The idea was born early on in the week; we would go somewhere different, unique, a departure from the normal “Tri-Cities area” ebb and flow.

After the slug fest that was to be a Monday through Friday knockdown, drag out, kick in the ....well you get the idea, we stuck to our guns.

After dinner Friday night we loaded the 4-Runner with the bikes and come Saturday morning, we were pointed down 64 towards Charlottesville.

We rolled into Walnut Creek in Albemarle County about 50 minutes later...

View from one of the numerous "Frisbee" Golf holes

Map of the ride

Ash on the tilt

Short rock garden at the end of a fun down hill section

Bridge over murky water

Right after I took this photo a troll chased us up the hill throwing mushrooms and shouting obscenities

Back to your roots; I only have one wisdom tooth and it's trying to come in,(true story)

Single track flow

Echos of our Ancestors...